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A Joint Project of the University of Salford and Manchester Music City Tours
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What fans can expect
Remember the first time round? When there was no Facebook, no Twitter, no fan forums, and no Internet? Do you remember how we used to communicate? That's right, we wrote letters, had penpals around the world, and swapped photos, posters, tapes and most importantly information about the boys. Remember the pleasure of running to the letter box every day after school, hoping to find a letter or, even better, a package loaded with surprises that made our hearts leap? This is what the exhibition is all about:
A real trip down memory lane, when we were Thatters first time round.

Many of you will have taken the » fan survey, so naturally you will be interested in what we found out and how other Thatters responded to the questions. You can see it all in the exhibition!

You will see:

Lavishly decorated envelopes, letters and their contents from the 90s
Some amazing FBs, slams, crams and decos
Lots of offstage photos from incredible and unusual meetings
with Take That presented in large formats
Stories and photos of fans' all-girl trips to Manchester
Fans discussing their inside knowledge that helped them meet the boys
and the lengths they went to in order to do so
The community feeling and group dynamics of those days
A map of the international networks between penpals in the old days

Now and then - Meet some penpals!

We will show you what some of the penpals are doing now, what they look like and what they used to like best about their teenage passion for Take That and "pen-palling".

The Thatter Reunion Board

Take That have reunited, so why don't you? We will also create a "Thatter Reunion Board" where you can find your old penpals with whom you lost touch. If you lost contact with one of your penpals and would like us to put a "Wanted" ad up, please write to Anja at

Social Room

There will also be a "Social Room" in which you can meet other Thatters from around the world, become reacquainted, and share memories. Who knows, we may put lots of FB-making materials in there for you to go crazy once more...