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A Joint Project of the University of Salford and Manchester Music City Tours

This exhibition is NOTHING without you.

It is all about how as teenagers you came up with creative ways to pass your time. You are the artists with all your letters, offstage pix, lavishly decorated FBs, stories and curiosities from the 90s when you first became a Take That fan.

We need you to send us your material to display in Manchester this summer. So please have a look through your old boxes.

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The best things you send us will be exhibited

for other people to enjoy, so please only send us things that you are happy for us to show at the exhibition and in the exhibition catalogue.

If we choose your items for display:

you will officially be mentioned as the donor of the exhibition item
you will get free admission to the exhibition
you will get free exhibition merchandise (postcards, programmes, etc.)
we will return everything to you once the exhibition is finished
and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you helped to make this happen

A note of caution: It is important that you only send us photos for which you own the copyright, i.e. you took them yourself. Otherwise the person who took them might not be too pleased to see them publicly displayed without their consent!

Thatter Reunion Campaign
Take That have reunited, so why don't you? At the exhibition we will have a special section to reunite old Take That penpals who have lost touch. So if you are looking for an old penpal that you used to enjoy writing letters to or swapping stuff with, write a small ad on a piece of paper and send it to us. We will put it on the "Thatter Reunion Board" and bring you back together, or write us an email to »

Please send your items to the following address, making sure you enclose your contact details as well:

Manchester Music City Tours
St. Wilfrid's Enterprise Centre
Unit 12
M15 5BJ
United Kingdom

Thank you very much for your support. We can't wait for your letters.